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Treatment Options

These types of hernias are very complex and require expert evaluation and repair. Please see the HEARTBURN section of this site  above for details. There are  some similarities between these defects and abdominal wall defects.  In both situations the repair may be enhances and strengthened with the use of a mesh.

The biologic ( absorbable) and permanent meshes  can be used for a tension-free repair technique to repair esophageal hiatal defects during laparoscopic fundoplications and parasophageal hernia repairs. Fundoplication is a technique where part of the stomach is wrapped around the esophagus and sewn into place.  The patch/mesh can also be used to reinforce or buttress the hiatal hernia that has been closed primarily with sutures. This adds strength to the repair.

Like any surgery, there is always a chance for complications, like infection or hernia recurrence. Your physician will discuss these with you prior to surgery. See our our videos for examples of surgery techniques.