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What to Expect…

For some, the anticipation of surgery is stressful. Dr. Gillian believes the more you know the less stressful the experience will be for you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of documents that outline guidelines that you will need to follow and what you can expect before, during an after surgery. Please click on the appropriate link below to find all of the information you will need. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Please click on the link below that applies to your situation.  It will download automatically to your computer for printing or viewing

Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-Op Diet

Post Operative Information for Anti-Reflux Surgery

Post Operative Information for Hernia Repair

Post Operative Information for Linx

Post Operative Information for Incision Care

Post Operative Information for Laparoscopic Ventral Incision Umbilica Hernia Repair

Information About Laparoscopic Surgery


What Can I Eat After Surgery