The Hospital

Inova Alexandria Slide

Dr. Gillian and his team moved their services back to INOVA Alexandria Hospital  in May of 2106.  We are now able to offer all of our services at this facility. This includes all of our advanced heartburn treatments and procedures.  With the addition of the new DaVinci Robot we are able to continue to provide those procedures as well.

We are also excited to report that we have built a completely new, state of the art Heartburn Treatment Center at Alexandria Hospital. We are able to combine the latest technology platform with a team that has done more than 10, 000 studies dating back to 1998.

For the convenience of our patients we will continue to provide surgical services at Virginia Hospital Center but it will be more limited than in the past.

We are very excited to be able to provide surgical services at our new surgical center just across the Wilson Bridge in Maryland.  Patients and families have been very happy about the personalized  attention and the fantastic staff we have at the Harbor Heights Surgical Center.